Creating your authentic brand story is

essential to your organization’s success.

Building your brand starts from within. Creating an effective brand starts with a story: YOUR story. Telling your story starts with what makes your brand unique. This is key for helping you connect with your customers. We start the process by first immersing ourselves in your brand culture. We take the time to listen and understand your organization. This helps us essentially become part of your team. This gives us the ability to provide unique insight that helps us to create a powerful brand strategy. It allows us to create messaging and visual designs that will resonate with your customers.


Market Research & Assessment

BrandPivot offers a full range of market research services that will uncover powerful and actionable insights about your business. We typically start with our Brand Insight Assessment™. The BIA gives a holistic view of your organization’s brand health. We offer also offer both Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research services that include advertising and concept development, ethnography, retail environment assessment, new product development, laddering, shopper insights, 3-D Interactive Virtual Aisle and more.


Brand Development

Our Certified Brand Strategists have a proven process that uncovers what makes your brand unique. It sheds light on who you truly are, what makes your organization stand out among your competitors and what makes it relevant in the eyes of your target audience. BrandPivot can help with everything including discovery, brand messaging, brand design and implementation. We will give you the tools to grow your brand and connect with your customers.


Company Culture Development

Developing a strong internal brand culture is critical to your company’s success. Whether your employees are on the front lines or behind-the-scenes, they should be intimately familiar with your brand and everything that makes your company unique. BrandPivot’s brand consulting services can help to develop your company’s internal brand culture to build a sense of unity and camaraderie among your staff.


Brand Pillars & Brand Promise

Every brand is unique. These qualities that make you unique are called your Brand Pillars. First identifying what sets you apart from your competitors is key in creating a brand message that resonates with your customers. Identifying what makes your brand unique and communicating this to your customers is called a Brand Promise. BrandPivot’s proprietary process helps to uncover your Brand Pillars and create a Brand Promise that will help you better resonate with your target market and establish yourself as a leader in the marketplace.


Brand Positioning & Brand Messaging

Positioning your brand as a market leader is key for being successful within your industry. Our proprietary brand process can help you communicate your brand’s expertise to your target market effectively. We help you create powerful brand messaging that will not only help you grow your customer base but will also help strengthen your organization internally. After establishing your core messaging, we will use the same ideals to help create effective visual designs and marketing strategies.