Naming: Finding the right name for your company

The name for your company, big or small, could make or break you. Picking a name for a business can be the most challenging yet exciting thing you do. But how do you know if your name is right?

First, let’s talk about brand. When deciding a name for your company, think about your company’s brand. Does that name fit your company’s goals? Attitudes? Values? Business Plan? Mission? Vision?

At BrandPivot, we believe a company’s brand should be defined by what makes that company unique. A company’s uniqueness could be its employees, services, products, etc. It is about who you are and not just about what you do. Products change and so does your company’s focus, so make sure that your name can grow with the organization.

Create a list and begin to rate them against each other. Here are some quick questions to ask:

• Does it relate to your uniqueness or products?
• Does it sound and look good?
• Does it separate yourself from your competitors?
• Does is celebrate your mission?
• Can you explain it easily?
• Does it inspire and create connections?
• Does it establish value?

Your name should differentiate yourself in the marketplace, celebrate your uniqueness and begin to build your brand. The right name can help you connect with customers, and set you up for success. Therefore, choosing the right name to build your brand around is extremely vital and a huge step in creating a successful business.

Your name is the first step in building your brand, it is your personality and you have to embrace it fully so that your can fearlessly live your brand every day.